Welcome to Arkansas Cancer Summit XIX!

The Arkansas Cancer Summit is an annual event hosted by the Arkansas Cancer Coalition (ACC) to showcase the recent progress that Coalition partners have made towards meeting the goals and objectives of the state’s comprehensive cancer plan. The forum provides an opportunity for us to celebrate, reflect, network, share information and build new skills in order to strengthen the fight against cancer.

Our theme this year is: “Cancer Survivorship: Mission Possible”.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a cancer survivor is any person who has been diagnosed with cancer (Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Facts and Figures, 2012). The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) definition of survivor includes family members, friends, and caregivers (A National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship, n.d.).

Survivorship covers the economic, emotional, physical, and psychosocial issues of cancer. Survivors face issues of: health-care access; follow-up; long-term care plans; side effects; new cancers and quality of life.

In the past few Summits we examined evidence and strategies and deepened our understanding of the latest in best practices on everything from prevention to survivorship. This year, we will deepen our focus on survivorship. Our goal is to provide information on how coalition members can best support survivor and their support systems.

Again this year, Summit is a two-day event in order to provide more opportunities for members to learn, network and mentor each other.

Two pre-conferences will kick us off on a high note as follows:

1) The Tobacco Control Pre-Conference will be co-hosted in partnership with the Arkansas Tobacco Control Coalition.

2) The 4th Arkansas Colorectal Cancer Roundtable will feature local experts who will take a close look at how to increase screenings, and how to better engage health systems. We will also examine the latest colorectal cancer incidence and mortality data.

We will offer highly-interactive workgroups to examine how the state is making progress in meeting the goals and objectives of the Arkansas Cancer Plan.

Prepare yourself for two days energized with breakout discussions, keynote deliveries, and a moving award ceremony that will recognize cancer survivors.

No matter your profession, you will learn and arm yourself for the fight during Summit XIX: advocates, academics, clinicians, community representatives, health care providers, families, legislators, students, survivors and the general public are all invited to attend.

Summit XIX promises to top them all!