About Summit

Summit History
The Arkansas Cancer Summit is one of ACC’s many well documented successes and has always been centered on the growth and evolution of the Arkansas Cancer Plan and the partners that make up the Arkansas Cancer Coalition. The Summit provides a time for partners to celebrate, reflect and build new skills and networks. Even though the theme changes annually, Summits typically focus on showcasing advances, gaps and challenges in cancer control by reviewing the latest data and evidence-based practices. Below is a list of past Summits and their focus and themes:

  1. Summit I (2000) – Planning: “First Annual AR Cancer Summit”
  2. Summit II (2001) – Implementation: “Framing a Vision”
  3. Summit III (2002) – Evaluation: “Making the Connection”
  4. Summit IV (2003 – Disparities: “Arkansas Summit on Cancer and Health Disparities”
  5. Summit V (2004) – Skills Building: “Going for the Gold”
  6. Summit VI (2005) – Relevancy: “Translating Science Into Practice”
  7. Summit VII (2006) – Cancer Control: “Essential Pieces of Cancer”
  8. Summit VIII (2007) – Promote Model Programs: “Arkansas Cancer Promise”
  9. Summit IX (2008) – Access, Eliminating disparities, & promoting healthy Lifestyles: “Home Run to Health”.
  10. Summit X (2009) – Survivorship: “Embracing the Journey”
  11. Summit XI (2010) – Collaboration: “A Collaboration Celebration”
  12. Summit XII (2011) – Prevention: “Spotlight on Prevention: A Picture of Health”
  13. Summit XIII (2012) – Evaluation: “The Impact of Health Policy and Cancer Control”
  14. Summit XIV (2013) – Assessment, Grant Writing and Evaluation: “Cancer Control from Start to Finish”
  15. Summit XV (2014) – Updates on Cancer: “Cancer in 2014”
  16. Summit XVI (2015) – Fighting Cancer: Strategies for Success
  17. Summit XVII (2016) – Navigating the Cancer Continuum: Prevention to Survivorship
  18. Summit XVIII (2017) – Increasing Cancer Screenings in Arkansas: Linking Communities and Care